Saving Nature!

Home car washing releases contaminated greasy water directly into the environment or into storm drains intended for rainwater. This causes pollution in our rivers, lakes and streams.

Fast Track Car Wash drains its water into an eco-friendly drainage facility to protect the environment.

Saving Water

Engineering studies show that a 5/8″ normal garden hose running at 50 pounds per square inch uses 14 gallons of water per minute. 10 minutes = 140 gallons of home car washing water

Fast Track Car Wash takes less than 3 minutes and uses 87% less water than washing your car at home.

Fast Track is Making Nature and You Shine!

It’s a fact, that Fast Track Car Wash is more environmentally friendly than washing your car at home. Fast Track uses state of the art computer controlled systems that automatically measures the length of every car. This minimizes unnecessary electricity and water waste.